About Us Angel Product

Angel Product Co., Ltd.

Company Mission

We are committed to making all of our goods 100 percent recyclable and reusable. We also provide a one-of-a-kind experience for businesses by offering a wide selection of the highest level plastic and paper packaging goods available in the market.

Company Profile

For the past 19 years, we have produced excellent goods and creative concepts in the protective packaging sector, as evidenced by our company's more than 3000 clients in local and worldwide markets. In Nonthaburi, Thailand, we began manufacturing protective packaging material in 2002.

We have a well experienced team both in production and marketing which has allowed the company to achieve growth consistently and we factor this due to the hard work and good ethics of all our employees.

Our line of product include but are not limited to Air Bubble Rolls, EPE Foam, Insulation Foam, PP Hollow Board (Future Board) and Stretch Film.